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Chaka Delic live @ Revival, LA
October 05, 2016 03:06 AM PDT
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This is a live mix I did for my buddy Pat Saphyakhajon's birthday. It's broken up into two links. This particular link is the 1st of two hours I played that night. Thanks to Jose Marin of Revival for hosting me and Brandon Anjeleno of Subliminal Radio for recording the set. My set starts about 6 minutes after Rudy V crushed it on his set. You can check out Rudy V and Juliet Mendoza's set on Subliminal Radio's soundcloud page. Enjoy!

Chaka Delic live @ Revival (Part II)
October 05, 2016 03:18 AM PDT
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This is Part II of a live mix I did at Revival in August, 2016. Start with Part I though!


Breath of Life
February 21, 2016 07:09 PM PST
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Finally, my first mix of 2016! Quite delighted with the way this one came together but you can be the judge of whether it floats your boat or not. Sprinkles of atmosphere, inspiration, sophistication and danceable beats is the loose description I'd give of this.

The song selections are as follows:

1. Deep' Hole "Gone too Soon"

2. Exte C "Story Teller" (Broken Biza Original Mix)

3. Dzo, Deej LebotoniQ "About Music"

4. Reel Skaps, Man D.O "Crazy Love" (DeMontuh Remix)

5. Louis Lunch, Mandy Voca "Good Girl" (Calvin Fallo Remix)

6. Ralf GUM, Omar "Love Core" (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)

7. Hojulo "Freedom"

8. Msizo "Tech Me Now"

9. Jackson Brainwave "We Are Creatures"

10. Problem Child Ten83 "Oriental Spirits" (Ten83 Afro Ritualistik Mix)

11. Ancestral Invaders "African Drums"

12. C William, "Original Sin"

13. De Cave Man "Black Queen" (Pascal Morais Mix)

14. Shur-I-Kan "Away"

The painting for this mix is, again, by Djembe and Canvas and is entitled Bodhisattva's Breath of Life." Go to www.djembeandcanvas.com to check it out, as well as Joe's other paintings!

Hope you enjoy the mix and see you on the other side soon!


Return of the Future
August 02, 2015 11:13 PM PDT
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Future beats that progress from inspirational, dreamy and feel good to harder, rawer type sounds. Weighty tunes from the 2000 Black collective and Dego who collectively push the creative edge. Altered Natives adds the finishing touch at the end with his remix of Toyc's "Ruffer."

The selections are:

1. Max Riolo "Soul Eaters" (Loris Conte remix) [Rimoshee Traxx]
2. Blanco-Teez "Reverse the Picture" (Rhythmic Fusion Deep Mix) [Skalla]
3. Domu "Decisions"
4. Darkest Pumpkin "That Feeling" [2000 Black]
5. Hanna "Faceless Emotion" (Landslide mix) [Freerange]
6. Paul Aster "Oceans" [NuAfro Records]
7. Avec ft. Jake Shears "Disappearer" (Mao remix) [Southern Fried Records]
8. Dego & Kaidi "Black is Key" [Eglo Records]
9. Mr. Bougx, Marie Tweek "Wash Away" (Bruk remix) [Strictly Beatdown Recordings]
10. Dego "It Don't Get No Better" [2000 Black]
11. Theo Parrish "Footwork" [Sound Signature]
12. Martyn "Twenty Four" [3024]
13. Untold "Dante" [Hotflush Recordings]
14. TRG "Back in the Days" [Tempa]
15. Silkie "Selva Nova" [Tempa]
16. Carib "Ambush" [Inner City Dance]
17. Toyc "Ruffer" (Altered Natives remix) [Crazylegs]

Once again, the artwork is by Djembe and Canvas. Go to www.djembeandcanvas.com and check out the pieces that are for sale. Outstanding works of art available for purchase.

Chaka's Dreams
May 12, 2015 02:15 PM PDT
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This mix is my heart. It's a way to get to know me from a non-conversational standpoint. The mix features elements of soul, atmosphere, elevation, etc. of the house music (soul and afro side of things) variety. Hope you enjoy it!

Playlist is as follows:

1. Missing Soul "Across Your Mind" [Future Vision]
2. King Wave & Soul Varti ft. Dvine Lopez "Salute" (Deep Sen's Appreciation Touch) [House Africa]
3. Homework "Conquered Enemies" [Wolf Music]
4. Nikki-O "Music" [Mahogany]
5. The Rurals, Katie Hector "Superfluous Feelings" [Peng]
6. Floyd La Lunar, Mami Bond "Finally" [Rawseed Music]
7. Real Kue Soul "Sixty Seconds of Peace" (Soul Mix) [6996 Music]
8. DJ Tucks, Melisande Peculiar, Cue Master "Let It Shine" (Cue Master's Minute Minded Mix) [DHS Recordings]
9. Rosario, Jackie Queens "Destiny" [Tainted House]
10. AfriQan Child, Semi Brieve "Ever Heard" (AfroMiks Realm Mix) [Under Pressure]
11. Dagui Rodann "Universal Prayer" [Instinctive]
12. Pascal Morais "Shaka's Reign" [Arrecha]
13. PM Project "All We Really Want" [Soul Candi]
14. Mus Treee, Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd "Above the Clouds" [Gotta Keep Faith]
15. Bittersuite "Re Prog" [Batti Batti]

November 10, 2014 03:16 AM PST
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Atmospheric afro-laced tracks to point you in the right direction. smiley Enjoy!

Track listing is as follows:

1. Audiojazz & Diamondancer "Welcome Home" (Africa) (Alexandra Hamptons Synth Soul Remix)

2. Thap'soul "Vasto Lorde"

3. Eazy P "Oluhle Lwethu"

4. Smooth Lights "Soulful Experience"

5. ProTee " Just So" (Knine Tseki Broken Beat Mix)

6. MoodAfrika "The Rhythm"

7. Deep Africans "Love Stories"

8. Diatonicfamily "Thank God" (Main Vox Mix)

9. Warm Days, Swindle, Natalie Maddix "Selfish Skys" (QB's Hot Mix)

10. E-Jay, Over12, Hagga' "Family Tribe" (Rosario's Sentimental Mix)

11. Groove Cartell "Waiting in Vain" ft. Maya Roze (Boddhi Satva Afriki Soul Remix)

12. Jullian Gomes "Love Song 28" (Charles Webster Mix 1)

13. Octopuz, Patrick Khuzwayo, Kalvin K "Sort It Out" (Octopuz Deeper Mix)

14. Cuebur, Bk "Creative Truth"

15. Genius of Time "Djungel Jam"

Lift Off
January 12, 2014 01:59 PM PST
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Happy new year all! Hope this mix finds you well. Here, you have another of the themes in Chaka Delic's "world of music." Not quite sure how to describe the sounds here, but if forced to would say that there are sprinkles of disco, "nu-disco," "neo-soul," a smidgen of techno leaning sounds. Anyhow, hope you all enjoy. More to come from me this year for sure!

Welcome Aboard
September 22, 2013 10:59 PM PDT
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Back to the old school and done the old school way (All vinyl, two turntables and a mixer). This mix showcases a different aspect of the sounds I like - soul and a bit of disco funk. It's more about the journey and selection here; not claiming to break the ultra rare and elusive, although you certainly won't find a couple of these easily and/or without paying good money for it. smiley

The mix is roughly the set I played for the Beat Swap Meet in Los Angeles on September 15, 2013; roughly because I recorded this after and not when I played and because I can't be certain that the tracks in this particular set are identical to the Beat Swap Meet set.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Atmosfear "Xtra Special" (Dry mix) [Elite Records Ltd., 1982]

2. The Cool Notes "Spend the Night" [Abstract Records, 1985]

3. Patrice Rushen "Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)" [Elektra, 1984]

4. Gladys Knight & the Pips "Save the Overtime (For Me)" [Columbia, 1983]

5. Whodini "Five Minutes of Funk" [Jive, 1984]

6. I Level "Give Me" [Epic/Virgin, 1982]

7. Gwen Guthrie "Should've Been You" [Island Records, 1982]

8. Project Future "Ray-Gun-Omics" [Capitol Records, 1983]

9. Love Unlimited Orchestra (presents Charles Webster) "Welcome Aboard" [Unlimited Gold Records, 1981]

10. Charles Earland "Intergalactic Love Song" [Mercury, 1976]

11. Bloodfire VIII "Bloodfire vs. Creative Source" [Bloodfire, 2011]

12. GQ "Someday" [Arista, 1980]


The Bitter, the Sweet
May 14, 2013 02:29 AM PDT
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Fancy new mix I whipped up this past Mother's Day weekend. I think mum would have enjoyed the sweet aspect of this more than the bitter. Nevertheless, she would have delighted in it all. RIP!

This one is a journey from the sweet to the bitter, although, truth be told, even the bitter is kind of sweet. Broken beat, house, latin flair, bass heavy sounds -- all in here. Shokazulu, Rima, Jazztronik and more in the cut. Enjoy!

November 18, 2012 11:08 AM PST
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I was motivated to do this by the Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks release, the fact that it's been a while since I've made a mix, and a rainy day in Los Angeles, This was randomly put together, i.e. no predetermined concept or order. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making the mix. Yes, the second song is from the Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks release -- "Mind Skies." Get that album if you know what's good for your health!! smiley

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