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March 30, 2019 11:57 PM PDT
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An all vinyl session of house goodness on the soulful and deep tip.

1. Comfy Bella "Konkahs" [Released Records]

2. Colm K "Beginnings" (K15 Remix) [Tiff's Joints]

3. Scott Grooves "Yangu Breeze"

4. Hanna "Last Forever" [People of Earth]

5. Setwun "Lonnie" [Broken District]

6. Soul Reductions "A Rose is a Rose" [Take Away UK]

7. Gibs "Find an Oasis" [Phonogramme France]

8. The Free Radikalz "Open Up" (Dub Mix) [Noble Square Recordings]

9. Vick Lavender "Cosmic Love" (Sophisticado Full Vocal Mix) [Wrong Notes]

10. Ananda Project "Where the Music Takes You" (Monchan edit) [Nite Grooves]

11. The Astral Walkers "Don't Fear the Sound" (Full Expansion) [Needs]

12. Jon Sable & Huerta "Alishan Forest Railway" [IDWT Music]

13. Untitled White Label.

14. Eva 00 "Yaw Yaw Yaw" [The Other Planet]

15. Code Deploy "Everlasting" (Silverlining Dub Remix) [Deploy Audio]

16. RT Factor "Electric Ride" [Electric Blue Germany]

January 27, 2019 02:17 AM PST
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First mix to celebrate 2019! This one brings slices of house (including afro) and broken beat. Hope you enjoy and share with others.


1. Paul Cut "Get Alright" [D.Ko Records]

2. Goddard "Find Me" [Church]

3. Peter Matson "Roma Norte" (Jimpster remix) [Bastard Jazz Recordings]

4. Blair French "Standing Still is an Illusion" (Aroop Roy remix) [Rocksteady Disco]

5. Marc, Oveous "On Again" [Atjazz Record Company]

6. Ben Hauke "Why They Got the Light?" [Cooperation Records]

7. Blizzard Beats "Don't Get No Better Love" [Deep Fusion Records]

8. Sir Mos ft. Nelisiwe "Colourful Design" (Lilac Jeans remix) [Deep Fusion Records]

9. Isoul8 & Ricardo Miranda "P Boogie" [Noble Square Recordings]

10. The DangerFeel Newbies "Swingin' with the New Jacks" (Kai Alce Distinctive remix) [Defected]

11. Jonny Miller "Listen Listen Listen" (Jus' Listen Recordings Archived & Unreleased Vol. IV]

12. Roska ft. Chrystal & Simbad "Running" (Roska Kicks & Snares]

13. Phuturistix ft. Jenna G "Beautiful" (Bugz in the Attic remix) [Hospital Records]

14. Denaji "Wuhti" [Unthank]

October 14, 2018 03:17 PM PDT
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From deep to slight acid to soulful, this mix covers the gamut. You'll want to listen to all of it as the parts differ!


1. Trinidadian Deep "Northern Li" [D3 Elements]

2. Pablo Valentino "My Son's Smile" (Geology's 'Teach the Babies' remix) [MCDE Recordings]

3. Mannmademusic "You Are" [Shadeleaf Music]

4. Moony Me "Taurora" [Super Tuff Records]

5. Chaos in the CBD "North Pole Cafe" [In Dust We Trust]

6. Fred P and SMBD "Pulling Strings" [Modern Dialect]

7. Ron Trent vs Lono Brazil "Manchild" (in the Promised Land) [BBE]

8. Anthony Nicholson "Spirit Fall Down" [Miquifaye Music]

9. Andre Lodemann featuring Natalie Claude "Going to the Core" (Charles Webster remix) [Best Works Records]

10. Souldynamic featuring Tamara Wellons "Preoccupied" [Tribe Records]

11. Dana Weaver "Touch the Sky" (Flame on Remix) [Face the Bass Records]

12. The Rurals featuring Katie Leone "Superfluous Feelings" (PM Project Winter Mix) [Peng]

13. Lonnie Liston Smith "Space Princess" (JN Space Goddess Mix) [Z Records]

The image is a hand painting by Djembe and Canvas called "Tiger Spirit." If you like it, check out www.djembeandcanvas.com

June 03, 2018 03:35 PM PDT
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A quick broken beat set I banged out yesterday. I felt the itch as I've been away for a while with injuries and life getting in the way.


1. Pascal Viscardi "Ropppongi FM" [Shall Not Fade]
2. Duke Hugh "Your Number" [Rhythm Section International]
3. Kerem Akdag "Find Yourself" [Dimensions Recordings]
4. Neue Grafik "Dance to Nemanja" [Rhythm Section International]
5. Needs "We Are What We Are" (Stolen Moments Reprise) [Needs Music]
6. Simbad "Untitled Bruk Shit" (2002 Ruff Take) [Unreleased Dubs Vol. 1]
7. Nu Era "Galaxian" [Omniverse Records]
8. SFV Acid -- "French Delmar" [Baak]
9. Quango ft. Eska "Rock It Tonight" (NameBrandSound Remix) [CoOp Presents]
10. East Man and Eklipse "Safe" [Planet Mu]
11. Neon Phusion "Timecode" [Laws of Motion]

Housewreckaz Radio Show Mix (# 164, July 28, 2017)
November 03, 2017 09:28 PM PDT
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A mix I did for the Housewreckaz radio show # 164 on July 28, 2017 with Artz tha Reelz hosting. This one is on the soulful house tip with lots of vocals. Hope you enjoy!

Chaka Delic Live on Vinyl Fridays @ Subliminal Radio (April 14, 2017)
May 26, 2017 02:41 AM PDT
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This is a live all vinyl set I played for Vinyl Fridays @ Subliminal Radio with hosts Arman, Pete Dub, and Ruben Who? Brandon Anjeleno on the mic for Subliminal Radio. Please enjoy and download if you please.

Chaka Delic live @ Revival, LA
October 05, 2016 03:06 AM PDT
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This is a live mix I did for my buddy Pat Saphyakhajon's birthday. It's broken up into two links. This particular link is the 1st of two hours I played that night. Thanks to Jose Marin of Revival for hosting me and Brandon Anjeleno of Subliminal Radio for recording the set. My set starts about 6 minutes after Rudy V crushed it on his set. You can check out Rudy V and Juliet Mendoza's set on Subliminal Radio's soundcloud page. Enjoy!

Chaka Delic live @ Revival (Part II)
October 05, 2016 03:18 AM PDT
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This is Part II of a live mix I did at Revival in August, 2016. Start with Part I though!


Breath of Life
February 21, 2016 07:09 PM PST
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Finally, my first mix of 2016! Quite delighted with the way this one came together but you can be the judge of whether it floats your boat or not. Sprinkles of atmosphere, inspiration, sophistication and danceable beats is the loose description I'd give of this.

The song selections are as follows:

1. Deep' Hole "Gone too Soon"

2. Exte C "Story Teller" (Broken Biza Original Mix)

3. Dzo, Deej LebotoniQ "About Music"

4. Reel Skaps, Man D.O "Crazy Love" (DeMontuh Remix)

5. Louis Lunch, Mandy Voca "Good Girl" (Calvin Fallo Remix)

6. Ralf GUM, Omar "Love Core" (Sir LSG Vocal Mix)

7. Hojulo "Freedom"

8. Msizo "Tech Me Now"

9. Jackson Brainwave "We Are Creatures"

10. Problem Child Ten83 "Oriental Spirits" (Ten83 Afro Ritualistik Mix)

11. Ancestral Invaders "African Drums"

12. C William, "Original Sin"

13. De Cave Man "Black Queen" (Pascal Morais Mix)

14. Shur-I-Kan "Away"

The painting for this mix is, again, by Djembe and Canvas and is entitled Bodhisattva's Breath of Life." Go to www.djembeandcanvas.com to check it out, as well as Joe's other paintings!

Hope you enjoy the mix and see you on the other side soon!


Return of the Future
August 02, 2015 11:13 PM PDT
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Future beats that progress from inspirational, dreamy and feel good to harder, rawer type sounds. Weighty tunes from the 2000 Black collective and Dego who collectively push the creative edge. Altered Natives adds the finishing touch at the end with his remix of Toyc's "Ruffer."

The selections are:

1. Max Riolo "Soul Eaters" (Loris Conte remix) [Rimoshee Traxx]
2. Blanco-Teez "Reverse the Picture" (Rhythmic Fusion Deep Mix) [Skalla]
3. Domu "Decisions"
4. Darkest Pumpkin "That Feeling" [2000 Black]
5. Hanna "Faceless Emotion" (Landslide mix) [Freerange]
6. Paul Aster "Oceans" [NuAfro Records]
7. Avec ft. Jake Shears "Disappearer" (Mao remix) [Southern Fried Records]
8. Dego & Kaidi "Black is Key" [Eglo Records]
9. Mr. Bougx, Marie Tweek "Wash Away" (Bruk remix) [Strictly Beatdown Recordings]
10. Dego "It Don't Get No Better" [2000 Black]
11. Theo Parrish "Footwork" [Sound Signature]
12. Martyn "Twenty Four" [3024]
13. Untold "Dante" [Hotflush Recordings]
14. TRG "Back in the Days" [Tempa]
15. Silkie "Selva Nova" [Tempa]
16. Carib "Ambush" [Inner City Dance]
17. Toyc "Ruffer" (Altered Natives remix) [Crazylegs]

Once again, the artwork is by Djembe and Canvas. Go to www.djembeandcanvas.com and check out the pieces that are for sale. Outstanding works of art available for purchase.

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